Nyrok City is not just a band – it’s a generation. It all began in 1993, when Roland (Roll) and Kalev (Edy) started this group in Tartu.

In 1995, first cassette was recorded and it was named "Shit, Blood & Flowers" (Khaos Control Records). Edy, Pets, Kiwa, Roll and Kalev got lots of credit for this wonderful cassette.

Another album was recorded next year and was named "La Horro Porro" (1996, Sally Cinnamon Music). This album was finished thanks to Edy, Pets, Roll, Kiwa and Laurence. Arp Müller said in newspaper called "KesKus" (nr.5): You don't have to see this madness what is on the stage, you feel this through the music. You don't have to feel Pasa Pets's fist in your face or you don't have to get hit by empty beer bottle, hear the eardrums breaking... - the same impulse, the same thrill is all on tape called "La Horro Porro".”

Next period can be called 'silence before the storm'. Few gigs were given. And in 1997, it was rock'n'roll once again - one concert after another. Edy played guitar, Roll drums, Andreas Walden bass and Peeter Pask shouted lyrics. In 1999 Agu replaced Edy and Karlis replaced Andreas. "Many colorful characters have been in this band" - Roll.

Now NRC has recorded new stuff and they call their music TATTOOMETAL. 8 tracks that can be found on their latest album and all the new stuff were made by Mikk (vocals, scratches), Roll (drums, samplings), Karlis (bass, vocals), Edy (guitar, vocals) and Anton (guitar, vocals).