Secret Under The Sun

Girls don't like boys and music
they like money and diamonds
girls don't like old but new shit
they are not cats but lions
she doesn't like that kind of jungle
of people mad inside
this life once will crumble her
I want to find

So you're building up defences
but will you ever feel secure
don't wanna be somebody
who's acts are immature
so you're breaking
through the defences
but will ever feel free
will get satisfied
and see the things
that other people don't see
is it really so much empty?
Can you still feel the fun?
Do wanna know your secret?
Your secret under the sun.....
Your god-he has 2 eyes
my fellow passenger
your god's the one
whos on the mirror
you better hope he never
gets out from there...

Boys don't like girls and feelings they like cars and party
boys don't like new but old shit they are crose but lovely
but I don't like these people I like to be myself
I make my world go triple this shows my wealth