Trance Hollow City

You live and don't realize somuch
you living out of touch so boor and what I looking for
makening plans collecting friends one thing this is music
do you what what you looking for do you why
why you wanna freak it do you wanna do you wanna take it
I wanna shake it and you wanna break it
what ever who was buiding my body
all time changening everything to death
for million years was easy
change the world and change the earth
a night feels like a live in the day must hide my eyes
this is strong to pushing itself intense of life come like the knife
they said some truth what is the dream that is pure in every scream
horashimo one day you will to ppen your eyes definentely its free
we are after brutal team no no my name is bring this chains
in the Hiroshima shit what a fuck is wrong with me.
I cant recognize my self my own body look is full and I see
illusions maybe drugs are reason of my comfusions.